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StudOn auch als App!

Ab dem kommenden Wintersemester gibt es StudOn auch als App! Mit der aus Studienzuschüssen finanzierten StudOn-App können die Nutzer*innen der Lernplattform Dateien aus StudOn direkt auf ihr Mobilgerät laden und diese offline verfügbar machen. Kurse, Gruppen und Kursinhalte können als Favoriten in der App markiert werden, sodass noch schneller auf...

Comics for Inclusive English Language Learning

The Comics for Inclusive English Language Learning (CIELL) project aims to develop the competences of second language teachers by promoting the use of comic art, and other visual representations of knowledge. Another goal of the project to enhance the quality of language teaching materials used for teaching writing as a second language and support the needs of dyslexic learners in a socially inclusive manner.

Ausstellung Klassenkämpfe im Museum Industriekultur

Die Wanderausstellung „Klassenkämpfe. Schülerproteste 1968-1972“ ist nun seit dem 27. Juli bis zum 28. Oktober in Nürnberg im Museum Industriekultur zu sehen. ILI hat für vier Thementische interaktive Präsentationen umgesetzt, die in einem Kioskmodus auf iPads laufen. Für diese Ausstellung in Nürnberg werden zwei weitere Themen dazu kommen. Informationen zur...

Klassen-Kämpfe: Schülerproteste 1968 – 1972

Dutschke, Schah-Besuch, Benno Ohnesorg, APOs, RAF usw. – viele Ereignisse, Äußerungen und Gesichter der 68er-Bewegung sind schon lange fester Bestandteil des kulturellen Gedächtnisses. Die meisten verbinden damit rebellierende Studierende an Universitäten. Dementsprechend gestalten sich die typischen Rückblicke und in Dauerschleife laufenden Dokumentationen zum Thema, insbesondere dieses Jahr, in dem sich...

Immersive Reflective Experience-Based Adaptive Learning

ImREAL will develop a novel conceptual framework and innovative semantic-enhanced intelligent services to augment existing simulated environments with adaptive meta-cognitive scaffolding in a cost-effective way. ImREAL will implement augmented virtuality, where interface features are added to the simulated environment to close the gap between the simulated experience and the real...

Counselling and Therapeutic Interactions with Digital Natives

The Therapy 2.0 project will raise the awareness of the potentials of ICT based approaches in therapeutic and counselling processes. It will produce concrete and tangible results that can be incorporated immediately into counselling and therapeutic practice, and support practitioners to make sure that the lack of full visual or verbal communication that occurs over video or email does not negatively affect how the message of the therapy is received by the client. It will provide a practical guide to the different ways in which technology can be used in therapeutic work. It will give best practice examples that go beyond e-mail and internet chat, video-link and stand-alone software packages, and will include mobile applications for smartphones. In addition, it will discuss vital ethical, theoretical and practical considerations for practitioners that include safety issues.

Seniors Learning with Apps

The project SenApp - Seniors Learning with APPs - aims at developing a Training App for seniors in four European countries (France, Spain, Romania and Germany) to support them effectively and individually to become competent ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) users. This project focuses on the need for eInclusion of senior citizens in Europe, the latter still being very much under-represented when it comes to competent and self-directed use of ICT. The digital divide still concerns, to a major extent, the older population.


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