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Training older Experts to Share their Knowledge and Create their own Learning Material

Projektthema Das Interesse und der Wunsch, an Weiterbildungs­angeboten teilzunehmen, ist bei älteren Menschen sehr hoch. Viele Lernangebote für Senioren beschränken sich auf den Präsenzbereich und bleiben dadurch für viele unerreichbar, u.a. ältere Personen mit Mobilitäts­einschränkungen, familiären Verpflichtungen oder in ländlichen Gebieten. Das Projekt verfolgt einen neuen, innovativen Ansatz, um dem...

Bridging the Gap between Teaching Competences and School Infrastructure

Development of digital competences is a core priority of school education (KMK 2016, DigComp 2.0, JIM 2016). At the same time, the potential of ICT technology is not yet fully exploited (Schule Digital 2016). Less than half of teachers feel that they are self-sufficient in using computers for more complex...

Counselling and Therapeutic Interactions with Digital Natives

The Therapy 2.0 project will raise the awareness of the potentials of ICT based approaches in therapeutic and counselling processes. It will produce concrete and tangible results that can be incorporated immediately into counselling and therapeutic practice, and support practitioners to make sure that the lack of full visual or verbal communication that occurs over video or email does not negatively affect how the message of the therapy is received by the client. It will provide a practical guide to the different ways in which technology can be used in therapeutic work. It will give best practice examples that go beyond e-mail and internet chat, video-link and stand-alone software packages, and will include mobile applications for smartphones. In addition, it will discuss vital ethical, theoretical and practical considerations for practitioners that include safety issues.


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