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The main question of the institute’s research a is of how it is possible to motivate people of all age groups to learn effectively through innovative didactic methods, technological support and multimedia communication.

ILI carries out an average of 20 research and development projects on a European, national, regional and local scale for different target groups.

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Research Profile

The Innovation in Learning Institute (ILI) focuses on innovation processes in learning, teaching, training, and skills development in a systemic perspective and based on fundamental processes of change such as demographic, technological and societal change.

The Institute’s relevant research and experience from continuously monitoring societal trends since 1976 has developed into the following lines of research all reflected by projects.

  • Learning and demographic change
  • Intergenerational learning
  • preservation of world knowledge and cultural heritage
  • Maintaining older workers’ competence
  • Further training Formal and informal learning
  • Self-directed, self-reliant learning
  • Learning communities
  • Learning by teaching
  • Scaling and replacement of classroom teaching
  • Assisted learning
  • Mobile Learning
  • Learning by playing
  • Technology-assisted learning
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Dealing with educational differences
  • Ensuring qualification
  • Learning in specific circumstances
  • Consideration of cultural backgrounds and socio-economic aspects
  • Learning with disabilities
  • Diagnosing diversity
  • New ways of knowledge transfer (from preschool to college)
  • Tutor Training / Train the trainer
  • Know-how transfer
  • Digital learing
  • Dimensions and quality of technology-based learning
  • Methods and concepts
  • Evaluation
  • Quality management
  • Change Management
  • Organisational development
  • Pilot experiments – prototypes
  • Design and development of learning environments
  • Comparisons of educational systems